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Dates And Times

I have been doing some things for exslt.org one of them being the MSXML/XALAN JavaScript implementation of dates and times.

A couple of things came out of this that aren't just relevant to xslt. Dates and times are a pain no matter where you encounter them. This seemed like a good starting point for expanding it's usefulness.

The first is a scriptlet and a type library that allows you to use dates and times in any application. You could use it in VB, ASP, HTML or add it to an XSLT transformation.

To use it just rightclick on the WSC file and choose Register. Then in ASP

Set oDT = CreateObject("exslt.datetimes")


var oDT = new ActiveXObject("exslt.datetimes");

or from VB add a reference to the TLB file.

The other thing is a Web Service. Once you have a COM object you can expose it as a Web Service so why not with dates and times? How I got from a bit of JavaScript to a Web Service you might find interesting and there is a description of the process in the tutorials section JavaScript to WebService.

This service is still experimental and the connection not guaranteed hopefully by the beginning of July it will be stable.



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