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SVG Draw

This is a copy of the Adobe SVG Draw demo they put on their site a while ago but modified so that you can save the drawing. It's nothing like any of the commercial/freeware software available but it is handy if you just need a bit of quick SVG.

To use it unzip to a folder and click on svgdraw.hta. When the window opens click on the main window and start drawing. When you are happy click on the save button and it will save to an svg file.

Download svgdraw_00 here.

I did a bit of tidying up and changed the structure so you can see how to do plug-ins. It is still buggy when you reload an svg but if you click enough times it will all come right.

Download svgdraw_01. This will allow you to create images like the one below.

Note: Both will work with V2 of the Adobe Viewer but not yet the V3 Beta.

Download svgdraw_02. This fixes some of the problems encountered with V3 of the Adobe Viewer.



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