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This is a JavaScript/HTA implementation of the Transquery spec.


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It can be invoked from the command line by doing

cscript transquery.js

wscript transquery.js


depending on how you have scripting set up.

Transquery Implementation

  transquery -db directory -s stylesheet -o filename -p {param=value}
    Produces output from the directory database using the stylesheet.
  transquery -dbf filename -s stylesheet -o filename -p {param=value}
    Produces output from the XML database file using the stylesheet.
  transquery -db directory -o filename
    Generates XML file containing the XML database.

   -?             Show this message.
  -db directory   Input directory containing the XML database.
  -dbf filename   Input XML file containing the XML database.
  -o filename     Write output to named file.
  -p params       Params to be passed to the transform.
  -s stylesheet   The transquery conformant stylesheet.
  -x filename     The source file.

It can be downloaded here

Version 00.

Version 01.

Version 02.

Version 03.

Version 04.

V3 Now has tq:baseURI(.) and tq:document(uri, $doc) functions. You can add documents to the database or do updates to the database (see mail by Evan Lenz).

V4 Now has a HTA GUI. tq:document still exists but is not needed

<xsl:variable name="doc">

   <xsl:apply-templates />


<xsl:value-of select="tq:document('db/newdoc.xml', $doc)" />


<xsl:value-of select="tq:document(tq:baseURI(.), $doc)" />

I recomend always take the highest version.

Due to a bug in msxml2 v3 it requires msxml2 v4.0

As this is only alpha software let me have your feedback.



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