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This is a free xml integrated development environment.


  • Extensible
    • Support for external tools, such as XSL processors, XML formatters, and web browsers
  • Color-coded XML editing
    • Ability to open files via URL
    • Checks well-formedness and optionally validates XML documents
    • Extensible library of Code Bits, which are cataloged text fragments that can be inserted into any document and shared with other users
    • XML Navigator - Ctrl+3
    • Spell checker (requires MS Word)
    • Auto workspace: automatically remembers the pairs of xml/xsl files used
    • Custom file extensions for xml, xsl, and dtd files
    • Various text-entry short cuts -- see Help/Keyboard Map for a complete list.
  • XPATH Support
    • Extraction of XML tags and XPATHs - Ctrl+2
    • XPATH testing and generation
  • Stylesheet testing
    • Displays generated HTML in browser window (integrated or external)
    • Support for multilevel XSL includes and imports
    • XSLT Run-Time Parameters
  • Document formatters and reports
    • Conversion of HTML to XHTML via tidy
    • MS XSL to XSLT converter
  • Peer-to-peer features
    • Sharing of Code-Bits and Web Favorites
    • More coming soon
  • Integrated web browsing
    • Extensible library of XML and XSLT related resources on the net

I have to say this is a brilliant piece of softare. There isn't much around to compare with it.



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