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This is a demo on how to call a SOAP service.

You can view source on the white area to see how it is done.

The SOAP request template is loaded from the file soapreq1.xml. The ticker symbol is loaded into the template from the input box and the request sent. A typical response soapresp1.xml comes back and the result is extracted and displayed on the screen.

You may have problems with security if you have your IE security settings set above medium/low.

See the other Currency Exchange demo.

This example shows how to get around this by calling soapdish.pl. This perl script takes the request and dishes it out to the soap service to make it appear to IE that the SOAP call is in the same domain.

If you are doing this purely on the client side then check out the utilities section XML to JS that will convert your SOAP XML to JS if you need to just use a JavaScript string in your code.

Simon Fell has written another tool called tcpTrace which does a similar thing to soapdish.pl.



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